In 1973 when Domaine Chandon was established, Yountville was a yet-to-be discovered region. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay were two of the first grapes planted and we continue to maintain them today.

The cooling fog from the San Pablo Bay covers our vineyards in the early mornings and evenings allowing small blocks of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir to thrive on our estate.

Today our Yountville vineyard is devoted primarily to Cabernet Sauvignon, a varietal which expresses the terroir of this site. Situated in the bench of Napa, the estate climbs toward the mountains of the western slopes of the Mayacamas Range. It is an ideal location, featuring well-draining, rocky soils that create prime-growing conditions for Cabernet Sauvignon with dark fruit flavors, lush tannins and wonderful structure.


Our Carneros vineyard terroir is diverse with rolling hills sloping to San Pablo Bay. The proximity of the bay moderates the vineyard microclimates with morning and evening fog along with afternoon breezes. These conditions result in optimum acidity for our sparkling wines.

The cool, extended growing season is ideal for Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier still wines and provides the long hang time essential for complexity, intense aromatics, flavor, and finesse. These cool conditions also help retain optimum acidity for our sparkling wines.

The parcels intended for still wines are on alluvial clay, Cortina, and Haire clay loam soils. Most of our vines sit in a very windy section of the vineyard which results in very low yields and ultimately great concentration in the finished wines.

Mt. Veeder

Mount Veeder is a one-of-a-kind appellation with wine production severely limited by nature and yet the region is renowned for having produced richly intense, age-worthy wines since the 1860’s.

With the longest growing season and the lowest yields in Napa Valley, Mount Veeder vineyards produce Cabernet Sauvignon that is dense and dark with signature blackberry and cassis flavors and good acidity and intensity.

The steep mountain terrain in close proximity to the cool fog of the San Pablo Bay, the vineyard site produces high quality Chardonnay with bright acidity.

The Cycle of the Vine

January represents the beginning of the winegrowing team’s season, with pruning activities taking place throughout all of Chandon’s vineyards.

The vines are physically sculpting growth for the upcoming year, manipulating the vines, in order to reshape the structure and set the course for yield and grape quality.

As the weather heats up in spring through early summer, so does activity in the vineyard. Block by block, the vines begin to flower and transform into beautiful clusters of grapes. From the mountain tops of Mount Veeder to the rolling slopes of Carneros, each vineyard has its own timeline, and each block within the vineyard progresses at its own rate.

At this stage, close attention is paid to the balance between canopy and clusters to ensure even ripening later in the season.

Throughout July, the period called “fruit set” is critical: it’s when growers begin to get a good idea of the potential size of the harvest, and begin to make plans and schedules for picking the fruit in the coming months.

The next step in the grapes’ development, which typically begins in late July/early August is called veraison, and it’s that special moment when the grapes start to change color and show the beginnings of ripeness. This process happens at different times depending on each vineyard’s elevation, orientation and microclimate. Grapes need sunscreen in the summertime just like we do—and growers provide it by carefully managing the canopy so that the leaves filter just the right amount of sunlight to ripen, but not burn, the tender fruit.

As harvest nears, the grapes should display a uniform ripening profile that provides balanced acid levels and hints of varietal character with uniform color—all key components to crafting a great sparkling wine.

By August or early September, the first grapes are ready for harvesting. Workers carefully tend each row to ensure balance throughout and the almost-mystical practice of determining just the right moment to pick.

Green Sheet

Chandon is committed to sustainability in its vineyards and winery. As a result of the stringent standards it adheres to, Chandon has had each of its estate vineyards certified by Napa Green Certified Land and its winery certified by Napa Green Certified Winery.

In the Vineyards

Conserving water. We monitor the water content in the soil and vines, allowing parsimonious use of our precious water resources. Our vineyards are irrigated almost entirely by reclaimed or collected water.

Enhancing the watershed. We use cover crops, terrace design and diversion inlets that are engineered to prevent erosion and be compliant with our green certifications.

Reducing or eliminating chemical use. We rely on owl boxes, cover crops and insect detection to keep the ecology of the vineyards in balance.

Restoring wildlife habitat. We embellish waterways with native vegetation, maintain wildlife corridors, preserve forested areas in the vineyard and employ clean water protection to encourage fish habitat and spawning.

In the Winery

Conserving water and energy. We use state-of-the-art equipment, including an Electrodialysis, that saves enough energy per year to provide power for 55 homes.

Reducing waste. We have installed a custom piece of equipment for our bottling line that separates the crown cap from the bidule, allowing us to recycle eight tons of metal and three tons of plastic per year. With this new equipment we now recycle all waste materials from production.

Reducing our carbon footprint. We have reached beyond the production area of the winery to reduce waste, separating the corks, cages, and caps in our visitor center for proper recycling.



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