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Chandon Melon Breeze

It's a summer night, your place is packed and the party is really heating up. Your guests could use a nice cool breeze — and we're not talking about opening a window. Pour a fresh round of our Chandon Melon Breeze. This summer cocktail is light and sophisticated, with subtle shades of green and refreshing flavors of melon, mint and lime. Very classy, very cool.

Ingredients for 1 cocktail
1.5 oz honeydew melon purée (recipe follows)
½ lime, juiced
10 mint leaves plus a sprig for garnish
2 tsp vanilla-infused agave nectar or vanilla simple syrup
(see Savvy Tip below)
Chandon Brut Classic

Ingredients for purée:
1 ripe honeydew melon

Instructions for purée:
Cut the melon into cubes and purée in a blender or food processor until very smooth. Pass through a fine sieve 1 to 2 times depending on desired consistency. Chill (can be frozen for later use).

Instructions for cocktail:
Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add the melon purée, lime juice, mint leaves and agave nectar. Add a splash of Chandon Brut Classic. Shake vigorously. Strain infused purée into a flute, just less than half of the glass (amount will vary depending on personal taste). Top off with Chandon Brut Classic. Garnish with mint sprig before serving.

Suggested glassware: Champagne flute or Highball glass