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Watermelon Sparkle Fresca

This little sipper looks like summer, smells like summer, and tastes like summer. Fruit-sweet, citrusy-tart, rosy in both scent and hue and fizzy with pink Chandon, this is the drink that defines summer love.

Yields 1 cocktail

1/2 small seedless watermelon, peeled and cut into cubes
1/2 oz fresh lemon juice
1/4 oz agave syrup
1/4 oz fresh lime juice
Dash of rose water
3 oz Chandon Rosé

Put the watermelon and lemon juice in a blender and purée.

Pour 3 oz of the watermelon purée into a rocks glass (store the remaining puree in the fridge for later). Add the agave syrup, lime juice and rose water. Stir. Add the Rosé and ice. Serve.