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Chandon Summer Party

Three cheers for the red, white, and blue! To celebrate the colors of summer (hello, Independence Day, we’re talkin’ to you), we’ve created a Limited Edition bottle of Chandon Brut Classic. It makes everything easier and breezier... like putting a party in a bottle and summer in a glass. Here’s what we have in mind for our own Chandon summer fêtes, all inspired by the special look of the bottle and the extraordinary flavor of our bubbles.

Ping a Pong of Plenty
Forget beach volleyball. Move over, badminton. We won’t even mention golf. Because for us, the only real use for a little white ball is...Ping Pong! It’s the latest and greatest game of summer. So set up your nets (you can put them on pretty much anything—a folding outdoor table will do just fine) and invite some folks over to play. You and three friends are perfect for a game of doubles, while you and more friends can form teams. Before you know it you’ll be meeting weekly for your Ping Pong League Season Playoffs.

Color Wars
Divide your summer party invite list into three teams—Red Team, White Team, and Blue Team—and request that guests arrive dressed in their team color. Once each team chooses a captain, let the games begin: tug of war, dodgeball, softball, archery, basketball, trivia and knowledge competitions... even a bubble-blowing contest (we love all kinds of bubbles). We think team cheer-offs are a fun “must,” but play whatever games you prefer and whichever best fit your outdoor venue.

Of course, every Color Warrior must observe the rules, so assign a specific number of points to each game. Finish the day with a large final event. Then tally the scores and crown the Color War champions!

Red Sauce. White Lights. Blue Moon.
The colors of our Limited Edition bottle aren’t just for your guests’ attire—they’re for pretty much everything else, too. So cook with them (think bright red tomatoes in a fiery fresh salsa...pure white meringues...and juicy blueberry cobblers). Decorate with them (like red, white, and blue American flags, bunting, pinwheels, or beachballs). And when it comes to music—the secret weapon of a truly great party, second only to the wine you serve—use your imagination. Dream up a playlist that celebrates the colors of summer. We’re thinking Springsteen’s Red Headed Woman. Cream’s White Room. Elvis’s Blue Suede Shoes. (You can always throw in Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl just to see if anyone’s listening.)

Here’s to an American Summer party!