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Bubbles and Flowers



Flower Girl NYC shares the best tips for reinventing the garden party this season.

Check-in with every season, to highlight whatever is most beautiful at the moment. With spring, opt for heavy-hitter blooms. The season brings with it a floral exuberance - abundant with vibrant colors and amazing scents, perfect for a celebration outdoors.

KEEP IT SIMPLE. Use the vessels you have from home. Mixing different vessels provides an eclectic collection and can showcase fancy with every-day as well as rustic and sentimental vintage pieces. Have your blooms consistent through-out, to tie all the pieces together.

KEEP IT EASY. Easy, like the spring breeze. The menu can feature lots of light bites with complimentary bubbly cocktails. Tie it in with your florals, which should seem (and be) not too done or fussy. Everything down to your outfit should be easy and comfortable so that you and your event can shine.

KEEP IT CANDLE-LIT. With candles and soft lights. And with candles - more is more! Be sure to illuminate at different levels - hang string lights above and mix votives with pillars in clusters and rows. This will provide a warmth and glow - a beautiful finishing touch.

KEEP IT FLORAL. The occasion provides a great opportunity to incorporate florals, beyond arrangements. Small details, such as petals in ice cubes, floating in cocktails or in the recipe of desserts will provide delightful surprises for your guests. Take the floral cuff from the bottle and wear it around your arm or wrist. Have fun with flowers and have fun at the event.

* Make sure you have all your supplies: flower wire, clippers and spring blooms.
* Layer the flowers on top and wire in a circular fashion around the band.
* Incorporate a ribbon, strewn within the cuff.
* When selecting blooms, pick your favorites - don't stress, keep it simple, keep it gorgeous.