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Hosting a red carpet-style Pink Party

Every October, Chandon throws our annual Pink Party, where food, drink and guests’ attire all come in hues of pink, and proceeds benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Unfortunately, not everyone can make the trip to Napa Valley to join us for this stylish soirée. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you can’t host a 2011-style Pink Party at the trendiest spot in town—your place. Here are five Chandon-approved tips for hosting your own in-home Pink Party:

  1. Arrive in style: This year’s Pink Party is focused on emerging fashion trends, so treat your guests to a celebrity-style arrival. Turn an eye-catching piece of pink material from your local fabric store into a fabulous “pink carpet,” and provide a camera and backdrop for paparazzi-style arrival photos.

  2. Nurture everyone’s inner designer: Pink attire is a given, but try taking things up a notch. While designer Whitney Port, originally of The Hills fame, can’t be in two places at once, invite her to your party in spirit. Encourage guests to dress in their “runway finest,” and see what sartorial surprises ensue.

  3. Get creative with cocktails: etoile Rosé is a popular option, and for good reason—this pink-tinted bubbly is can’t-miss. To really set an elegant tone, however, you might consider serving pink sparkling cocktails. May we suggest a Chandon Bubble-tini or Ruby Slipper?

  4. Show some good taste: Little else establishes a party’s mood as succinctly as the menu. Set a properly chic-yet-playful tone by serving some of etoile Chef Perry Hoffman’s finest recipes, found in the Domaine Chandon Cookbook. We’d recommend the Beet Panna Cotta, Prawn and Bacon Brochetas and Little Cream Puffs.

  5. Cover charge for a cure: While a Pink Party is, of course, meant to be a celebratory evening, don’t forget the mission at hand. Consider asking guests for a nominal contribution at the door, and donate proceeds to your cancer charity of choice. Remember, once your guests have departed, the mission to find a cure for cancer continues. To learn more, and get involved, visit The National Breast Cancer Foundation.