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Meet Me in the Mediterranean

A warm wind. The sound of cicadas from a lavender-filled garden. You could be in Barcelona, or the South of France. But you’re right at home, entertaining your friends Mediterranean-style.

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A symphony for the senses.
The style that we consider "Mediterranean" is actually an eclectic blend of many cultures. With Roman and Latin influences from the northwest, Arab-Muslim influences from the south, and Greek and Orthodox influences from the northeast, it's a rich aggregate of architecture, art and cuisine. Mediterranean style can give your home or outdoor entertaining space a welcoming feel with just a few touches. The secret is in choosing details that appeal to the senses.


Welcoming scents.
Classic Mediterranean fragrances are rosemary, thyme and tarragon, which grow wild throughout the region, as well as lavender, orange and lemon. These scents are widely available in the form of candles, aromatherapy and home fragrance products. For a more authentic touch, place a bowl of lavender buds on a table or toss a few dried lavender stems on the fire in your fireplace.


Energizing colors.
Strong colors and vibrant color combinations dance across the photos in every Mediterranean guide book. Picture the stark whiteness of a house on Mykonos against an azure sky, or a blue and yellow tablecloth on a restaurant table in Nice.