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New Year’s Eve at Home with Chandon

New Year's EveWhy brave the crowds and cold on New Year’s Eve when you can celebrate at home with friends? Whether it’s an intimate dinner or a party that goes on ‘til dawn, there’s no better place than your place for entertaining. (Especially when it comes time to order another bottle of wine!)

Here are some of our favorite recipes and entertaining tips for New Year’s Eve, plus a special iTunes mix that is sure to bring back memories from the passing decade.

Edible flowers, incredible cocktails
Welcome your guests with a Chandon Hibiscus Royale, and watch their faces light up at the sight of a real flower in their champagne flute. This luxurious cocktail, made with Chandon Blanc de Noirs and wild hibiscus, is a beautiful bouquet of flavors and colors.

Chef-style crunchy winter veggies
While your guests are sipping cocktails, let them nibble on thin, crunchy slices of fresh winter veggies. Perry Hoffman, Chef at etoile Restaurant, tells you how in this expert tip.

Fresh shellfish and sparkling wines
Oysters and clams, Dungeness crab and Maine lobster are all at their peak in December. Serving them fresh shows you’ve really gone out of your way to please your guests (even if they’re not so difficult to prepare!). So why not make them the stars of your menu?

All varieties of shellfish are classic food pairings for sparkling wine, thanks to their soft and supple textures and delicate flavors. Here are two appetizers that are simple to serve cocktail party style, and a very elegant main dish featuring fresh Maine Lobster created by our chefs at etoile Restaurant.

Broiled Cherrystone Clams on the Half Shell

Mini Crab Cake Appetizers

Saffron Lobster Pappardelle

BYOC for a timely party theme
Ask each of your guests to bring their favorite clock to your party. Alarm clocks, digital clocks, cuckoo clocks… the more interesting the better. Put them together on your mantelpiece, sideboard or even on the dinner table. With so many ways of keeping time, you’ll be sure not to miss the moment when the New Year arrives.

A new cork to pop for every hour
You want everyone to stay at your party until the clock strikes 12. So let them know that you’ll be uncorking a different bottle of bubbly with each passing hour… with the best saved for last! Whether you announce your wines ahead of time on an elegant menu card, or keep them as a surprise, this little game will keep the anticipation building like a cork under pressure.

8:00 pm etoile Brut – with appetizers

9:00 pm Chandon Blanc de Blancs – with the lobster entrée

10:00 pm Chandon Extra Dry Riche
– open a bottle with dessert

11:00 pm etoile Rosé – refreshment for guests on the dance floor

Midnight etoile Tête de Cuvée –the ultimate New Year’s toast

New Year’s Play List – A Decade of Dance
The 1990s gave us the Internet. And not to be outdone, the first decade of the new millennium gave us the iPod, along with tons of great dance hits to listen to with the volume turned up loud. Can you remember where you were when you first heard these songs? You can download them for your New Year’s Eve party as a Club Chandon iMix at the Apple iTunes Store.

Title Artist
All for You (2000) Janet Jackson
One More Time (2001) Daft Punk
Get This Party Started (2002) Pink
Crazy in Love (2003) Beyoncé
Amazing (2004) George Michael
Hung Up (2005) Madonna
Love Generation (2006) Bob Sinclair
Don’t Stop the Music (2007) Rihanna
Sensual Seduction (2008) Snoop Dogg
Poker Face (2009) Lady Gaga

Download as an iMix from the Apple iTunes Store