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Share the Love with Chandon

February 14th is around the corner--and love is in the air.


But here at Domaine Chandon, we think love belongs in the glass. So every vintage we create is a kind of valentine: love in a bottle...from us to you.



To help you celebrate Valentine’s Day, one of our favorite holidays, we’ve planned a handful of beautiful ways, meaningful moments, and festive occasions--all perfect for popping the cork. (As for popping the question, that’s up to you. But if you decide to get on bended knee, let us propose just the right Chandon wine to make the moment even more magical.)


Just the Two of Us

Sweet dreams are made of this: candles, roses, violins, and thou. But knock-your-socks-off memories are made of something a little more...effervescent. So pair those long-stemmed roses with some long-stemmed wine flutes, filled to the brim with chilled sparkling wine. Share a split of blushing bubbles in that candle-lit bubble bath. Crank up the music and crack open another bottle. Tonight’s for pure romance. And no true romantic can resist a glass overflowing with love.





You Go, Girl

Girlfriend nights at home--with mani-pedis, take-out Chinese, and a pile of chick flicks—are so...2012. Yawn. But throw a few bottles of bubbly into the mix and you’ve got yourself a party! We say fire up the DVD and see what happens when The Women meet Bridesmaids. Stay up late enough and you can raise a glass, over croissants, for Breakfast at Tiffany's. Be sure to toast to tough gals, classic romance, and fabulous friendships.



Singles Mingle

You don’t need Einstein to do the math: one plus one is always two. So if you find yourself surrounded by singles, get them all together in one place. The rest is easy: Spin some happy tunes. Serve a conversation-starting Chandon cocktail. And let Cupid—and Chandon—take aim.



My Funny Family

Remember the homemade Valentines you made for Mom and Dad when you were a kid? Well, this year do it again. After all, when’s the last time you told them how much you care? But don’t stop at cut-out hearts. Instead, say “Be My Valentine” with a bottle of something special. With bubbles. (And if you’re really good--or if you bring more than one bottle—maybe Mom will whip up our Chandon Chocolate Gooey Cake.)




A Chandon Cruise: Bubbles at Sea

When’s better than Valentine’s Day to present your sweetheart with a bottle of Chandon--and tickets to our first annual Domaine Chandon wine cruise? Imagine ten days in July spent cruising from Rome to Venice, with Domaine Chandon’s winemaker as your guide. You’ll eat, drink, and be very merry as you enjoy an onboard wine education program along with optional shore tours to outstanding wineries and historical landmarks along the way. It’ll be a trip of a lifetime.