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Spring into Action, with a Little Help from Chandon

At the Domaine Chandon Entertaining Think Tank, we spend an inordinate amount of time considering casual elegance (without, of course, working so hard the overall effect is anything less than casually elegant). It’s a concept that’s more or less at the heart of our winemaking and entertaining philosophies, and one that really seems to take hold as the calendar rolls from the stews-parkas-and-sleet winter months into the fresher, generally more agreeable days of spring.

There’s just something about those first few mild and—dare we dream?—sunny days of the year that makes you want to dig out the picnic basket and check the hours of your local farmer’s market. But if you’re anything like us, sometimes those long months of nubby wool sweaters can leave your memory a little fuzzy on properly executing a fair weather game plan.

Never fear—we’re here to help. The following list of Chandon-approved springtime activities and ideas will help you get started:

  1. Planning for the occasion: Thanks our dedicated entertainment specialists, who brought the Chandon Occasion Planner to life, poorly-executed social outings are a thing of the past. You are now never more than a click away from ninja-grade entertaining prowess. You’re welcome.

  2. Livin’ la vida local: It’s not just your fingers and toes that thaw out with the coming of spring. The ground does, too. This means an almost unreasonably diverse and delicious bounty of fresh regional foods and ingredients at local farmers’ markets. Find your favorite, and get to know the producers. Your palate, and party guests, will thank you.

  3. Taking it outside: Arguably the clearest hallmark of spring’s arrival is that first aromatically smoky grill-a-thon on the back patio. So be prepared. Run a broom around, pull that dusty cover off your grill and, most crucially, be sure you have plenty of propane or charcoal on hand.

  4. Sizing it right: Who doesn’t love the classic 750ml bottle of vino? But, in our humble opinion, the versatility of other formats all too often goes under-appreciated. Enjoying a midday picnic? Pack a 375ml split, or a few mini bottles. Hosting a larger group? Put a magnum or 3L bottle on ice. You get the idea.

  5. Having a contingency plan: Spring, bless its tempestuous little heart, can also be a maddening time of year. A few days of sunny warmth is often followed by a few more days of drizzly gray. Plan accordingly, and simply bring your new springtime attitude indoors when necessary. Great ways to do so: Living room picnics, stovetop grilling, and a watertight ice bucket.

More than anything, springtime is a state of mind. It’s a time for new beginnings and a fresh attitude. Not every day will be fit for outdoor life (see #5 above), but—if you live in the moment, make the most of the nice days, and keep plenty of chilled bubbly close at hand—soon, the sunny days of summer will be upon us.