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Turning Cupid Green with Envy

When the calendar flips from January to February, pulses quicken, Cupid’s arrows fly forth from their quiver, and Valentine’s Day plans get made from coast to coast. Boxes of chocolates and bouquets of roses? Of course. That’s entry-level stuff. But this year, we at Chandon have been thinking about raising the bar on romance.

So, how best to impress that special someone in your life? Back at Chandon’s event-planning HQ, we lit a few candles, loaded some slow jams onto the playlist, popped the bubbly, of course, and got to work brainstorming. Without further ado, here are some strong tips on making your partner weak in the knees, conveniently arranged by gender:


  1. Let the music move him: Does your man love to get lost in a playlist? MP3 players are one of modern life’s great conveniences, but surprise him with a vintage twist: Pick up an old-school turntable, then visit your local record shop (they still exist!) and select some of his favorite albums on vinyl.
  2. Dress to impress, chapter one: Let’s be honest here, ladies—men can be such straightforward, predictable creatures sometimes. Use this fact to your advantage. Are there a few of your partner’s favorite items hanging in your closet? Don’t be afraid to don your sartorial greatest hits, and dare him to keep his eyes of you.
  3. The key to his heart: Or, in this case, your hotel room. Rediscover your home town with a romantic, one-night “stay-cation.” Sign up with a daily deal provider like Living Social or Groupon, and save big on a nearby getaway. It’s incredible how much a set of high thread-count sheets and a “DND” doorknob sign can up the romantic ante.


  1. Her heart is an open book: Don’t neglect the power of the written word. The gift of a thoughtfully selected book can be like romantic shorthand. Show your softer side by giving her one of your all-time favorite titles, or, when in doubt, ask Oprah or the New York Times for help. (And don’t forget to inscribe!)
  2. Dress to impress, chapter two: Now, fellas, be honest with yourselves, as well—lingerie is a gift for you, not her. Show her how much you really care by getting her something she’ll actually feel comfortable in, like a cashmere sweater or a pair of high-end yoga pants.
  3. Be the flavor of the week: What woman doesn’t like to be doted on every now and again? Start the evening with an appropriately-hued, can’t-miss From Chandon With Love, then prepare her a feast of etoile Restaurant’s finest, with a little at-home help from Michélin-starred Chef Perry Hoffman.

Above all, don’t stress! When it comes to creating a little Valentine’s Day romance, there’s so such thing as a perfect plan. Simply relax, turn off your cell phones, enjoy a little time together—and keep plenty of bubbly on ice.