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Valentine’s Day at home (or on the town) with Chandon

Valentine's Day

Whether you’re planning an intimate evening in or a stylish night on the town this Valentine’s Day, there are three crucial ingredients to any Cupid-worthy affair—you, your significant other and Chandon wine. To help you make a flawlessly romantic impression, we’ve compiled some helpful hints. Just follow these few simple steps and your date will be left marveling at your thoughtfulness while you deftly pop another bottle of bubbly.

Staying in?

  1. scallopAphrodite-approved appetizer: Scallops’ reputation as an aphrodisiac dates back to ancient Greece, when legend has it the goddess Aphrodite was carried to earth on a scallop’s shell. etoile Restaurant chef Perry Hoffman’s Scallop and Stewed Kumquat with Onion Purée recipe is our personal favorite way to serve this fruit of the sea.

  2. Ruby SlipperColor your cocktail: Everyone knows Valentine’s Day means flowers, so why not try adding one to your sparkly beverage? The appropriately hued Chandon Hibiscus Royale is pink, floral and effervescent. Perfect.

  3. iPodSet the mood with music: We trust you’ve already selected one of your date’s favorite recipes, so how about pairing it with a playlist of favorite tunes? When the moment is right, sneak a peek at his or her digital music collection and note the most-played tracks. Pull together a list of the more down-tempo, sultry songs for the evening’s soundtrack.

Heading out?

  1. dining out with ChandonLocation, location, location: When selecting an appropriately amorous venue for your Valentine’s Day dinner, be sure it’s one that serves Chandon fine wine.

  2. bouquetDetails make a difference: Thoughtful little touches add up to one happy valentine. Arrange for a florist to have a centerpiece of your date’s favorite flowers waiting at your table, and ask the restaurant to prep a bottle of Chandon bubbly on ice upon your arrival.

  3. limoPractice safe sips: Nothing says “I love you” like getting everyone home safely at the end of the night. Plan ahead by adding local taxi service phone numbers to your cell phone, or—better yet—go red-carpet and reserve a limo for the night.

No matter what your plans are for Cupid’s big day, remember to simply take a deep breath, look your valentine in the eye and say those three magic little words: “More bubbly, please.”