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What Makes Vintage Sparkling Wine So Special

If you know sparkling wine, you know much of the artistry lies in the blend. Typically, when crafting bubbly, you’re constantly mixing from different blocks, vineyards and vintages, which allows you to produce a consistent wine, year after year. However, certain years are unique. With some vintages, on some plots of land, the wine fates are kind, enabling a sparkling winemaker to capture a remarkable harvest as a worthy vintage.

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Reserve Club Chandon Cuvée Trio Comes to Fruition

A few years ago, while contemplating ideas for exclusive, creative Prestige Member wine offerings, Sparkling Winemaker Tom Tiburzi and Senior Wine Ambassador Ellen Flora came up with a novel idea. What if you created a small batch of sparkling wine, divided it into thirds, and aged each sur lees—or in the bottle, with yeast—for three, four and five years?

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The Secrets Behind Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine is made in the traditional way from 3 classic grape varietals — Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Because these three wines are known to be so food friendly, the delicate and bubbly wines made from them are a natural companion for a wide range of foods. With the holidays just around the corner, we asked Ellen Flora, Chandon's Senior Wine Ambassador, to share her expertise in choosing wines for the year's most festive gatherings...

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Rosé – more than just a summer romance

We asked Ellen Flora, our wine pairing and entertaining expert, to introduce us to the wonderful world of rosés. She uncorked a few bottles and shared her passion for the "pink side" of Chandon.

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How to Describe a Wine

When you're at a wine tasting, it can be hard to find words to describe the elusive aromas and flavors that you're experiencing. Here are some tips on talking about wine that I like to share with my guests when I hold a tasting event here at our winery.

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