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Reserve Club Cuvée: a Wine as Distinctive as our Club Members

When we created our Crémant, Sparkling Winemaker Tom Tiburzi was inspired by our Club members’ passion for great wines. And with the new release, he’s decided to go a step further: “Chandon Crémant was the first wine made especially for the Club, so to honor our Club members, this unique wine will now be named for them.”

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New vintage, new head of the blend: 2001 etoile Tête de Cuvée

Last year, following a labor of love more than a decade in the making, Domaine Chandon released our first Tête de Cuvée, vintage 2000. The reception was unanimous, extraordinary and, quite frankly, exceeded even our expectations—the wine sold out almost immediately.

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The triumphant return of the Crémant

As our Club Chandon Prestige Members know, every year we release an exclusive limited edition wine for Prestige Members’ enjoyment. First released in 2005, and last released in 2008, Chandon Crémant has been a beloved, indulgently creamy bubbly, and fans of this silky delight have been clamoring for more ever since the last release (quickly) sold out.

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Head of the Blend - 2000 etoile Tête de Cuvée

A bottle of étoile Tête de Cuvée may disappear in an evening over dinner, but it takes years of patience, skill and passion to bring the wine to its fullest expression. Sparkling Winemaker Tom Tiburzi shares his thoughts on the history of this delicate and nuanced wine.

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Sleeping Beauties - The Vineyard in Winter

You might think that Chandon’s sparkling winemaker Tom Tiburzi could spend his winter days curled up with a book and a glass of Pinot Noir. But it turns out that the “off-season” for Napa Valley winemakers is anything but relaxing...

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Time in a Bottle - Sur Lees Aging

We caught up with Tom Tiburzi on a beautiful fall day in Napa as he was heading to the Chandon wine cellar, where thousands of bottles of bubbly are aged in a temperature-controlled environment.

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Get to Know Your Bubbly

As the crafter of sparkling wines for Domaine Chandon, I get so many interesting questions from people visiting our winery. Here are some of my favorites, which I hope will enrich your appreciation of your favorite Chandon sparklers.

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The Art of Blending

When Tom Tiburzi holds up a glass of Chandon Brut Classic to the light, he knows that he is looking at more than just one wine. As Chandon's Sparkling Winemaker, Tom is responsible for blending many different wines from different grapes — and even different harvests — to produce a unique and consistent flavor in every bottle that is released.

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