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Sparkling Red

Winery Exclusive
Chandon’s Sparkling Red is a unique seasonal cuvée crafted for wine lovers with a sense of discovery and adventure. A winery-exclusive, our Sparkling Red marries the grace and complexity of Pinot Noir with zesty flavors found in Zinfandel. Though they’re rare in the U.S., sparkling red wines have a long tradition in Australia, Germany and the Loire Valley of France.

Aging Profile: Minimum of 12 months on the yeast
Appellation: California
Composition: 60% Pinot Noir - 40% Zinfandel
Winemaker: Tom Tiburzi

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Unlike other Chandon sparkling wines, the Sparkling Red starts with Pinot Noir and Zinfandel grapes that are fermented on their skins to create a still wine with intense flavors and pigment. That red wine is bottled along with yeast and sugar to start the second fermentation that makes méthode traditionnelle wines effervescent. After aging, the wine is clarified by riddling, a process which moves the yeast sediment to the neck of the bottle. The necks are frozen, and the yeast is expelled in a process called disgorgement. To balance the acidity before applying the cork, each bottle receives a small amount of liqueur, sugar dissolved in reserve wine, also known as the dosage. The wine is then aged at least six additional months before release.

Tasting Notes

Black cherry, plum and blackberry aromas and flavors compete to win your affection. Spice, juniper, white pepper and licorice offer supporting tones to the dark fruit signature of this wine.

Food and Wine Pairing

You can’t go wrong pairing this wine with pork—pork that is roasted, cola-braised or glazed; duck that is tea-smoked, Pekinged or topped with a fruit compote; or anything that has 5-Spice, from short ribs to meatballs.