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Everything you need for summer entertaining, from playlists to cocktails, Chandon has you covered!
Sweet Star Spritz

Chandon’s new Sweet Star will be your go-to summer sipper. Wine-maker Pauline Lhote suggests serving this deliciously lush bubbly on ice with a simple garnish of fresh mint, cucumber or grapefruit. This easy cocktail will keep your guests refreshed all day and night!

Iconic designer Rebecca Minkoff has been setting trends since she opened her first NYC boutique. She shares her favorite summer essentials, perfectly paired with a sunny glass of Chandon.
Perfect Pairings

Summer pieces need to take you effortlessly from day to night. Rosé the day away in a nude pink pair of RM Casie Sandals with a comfy block heel.

Bold meets Brut with the Midnighter Top Handle Feed Bag; complete with a studded cross body strap so you can live that hands-free life.. because who can hold a purse when you’re busy holding a glass?

And last but not least, Summer needs a splash of color. Brighten your ripped jeans/white tee uniform with Utopia Tassel Chandelier earrings for an instant pop of fun!

For fun in the sun, pack all-purpose metallic sandals and a denim jacket to protect you from the wind and rays. Playful earrings and a statement bracelet will transform any ensemble with ease. And because you never know what the day may bring, don’t forget Chandon’s Limited Edition American Summer bottles in party and mini sizes…

When you’re keeping your outfit light and breezy, accessorize with pops of color. American Summer Limited Edition bottles by Chandon turn any afternoon into a festive occasion. A carefree white dress and feminine denim jacket are elevated with tassel chandeliers and a silver crossbody bag.

Driven by her love of style and socializing, Roxy Te created a line of fun, original bar carts and redefined modern entertaining. See how she’s serving Chandon this summer.
Style your Bar by Roxy Te

A bar cart should be a work of art. Dress it up with pops of color! Garnishes like berries and citrus allow guests to personalize their glasses of Chandon, so they feel more at home.

Sangria and Spritzers

Summer is all about mixing it up and exploring new ways to drink bubbly. To whip up a simple sangria, combine a bottle of Chandon Brut or Rosé with 1⁄2 cup brandy, add fruit to taste at the bar, and top with citrus sparkling water. A spritzer is even easier: add fruit to your glass of Chandon, then top with berry sparkling water. Cheers!

Pack a Picnic that Sparkles

For the perfect picnic that is as beautiful as it is delicious, Roxy Te layers pops of color over classic patterns. Small bites, like Chef Salad on a stick, are fun to eat and easy to clean up. Add chargers under paper plates to make your spread look more intentional and use a fun bottle of bubbly, like Chandon’s Limited Edition American Summer Rosé, as a centerpiece to tie your picnic together.


What does the quintessential
American Summer mean to you?

Effortless entertaining, breezy bright style, and long sunny days filled with friends, family and bubbles of course!


What's the most important thing to consider when styling the perfect bar cart?

Yourself! Don’t feel pressured to stock every last fancy schmancy bottle. All you need are your favorites, a good set of cocktail tools, and some interesting glassware. You’ll always be ready for a celebration!


What are some things to keep in mind when it comes to serving food & drinks?

I find casual entertaining to be the most fun which means finger foods for all! Nobody wants to sit down to a formal multi-course meal on relaxing summer nights. Serve small hearty bites that are filling and easy to serve and put that Chandon on ice or better yet, style out a do it yourself Sparkling Summer Sangria bar cart. You won’t be stuck playing bartender and your guests can help themselves, as often as they like!


What advice do you have for first-timers hosting their own Summer Soirée?

The power is in the prep! Your duty as the hostess is not only to provide the refreshments but also the energy! If you’re running around frantically taking care of last minute tasks, your guests will most likely feel uneasy. If you’re mixing, mingling, and having a ball, your party will too.

Roxy Te’s images shot by Elizabeth Shrier
DJ May Kwok's
Ultimate Summer Playlist
DJ and fashion tastemaker May Kwok is a staple of the New York social scene. This month she’s teamed up with Chandon to curate a playlist perfect for Summer Sipping!
Sip in Tune

“I like to fill every party with lots of high energy tracks… It’s summer, you want to listen to music that makes you want to move and dance!”


What’s the most important thing to consider when putting together a playlist?

As with any mixtape or song list, you’re creating a mood. What are you making the playlist for? How do you want people to feel? Think about creating a story and compile your songs around that theme. Oh, and plan for at least 3 hours of music because you never want your playlist to repeat itself.


What makes the perfect Summer playlist?

Lots of high energy tracks... Its Summer, you want to listen to music that makes you want to move and dance! Also, don’t be afraid of mixing oldies with Goodies; classics that have summery themes are nostalgic and remind people of good times spent outside.


What does the quintessential American Summer mean to you?

Surrounding yourself with friends at a BBQ, listening to great music and drinking Chandon Rosé into the night around a bonfire.


Being so busy, how do you find time to catch up with your friends?

I am definitely a busy girl but I always make time for my girlfriends.. so there is a lot of planning involved.

May Kwok Portrait by Andi Elloway



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