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Winery Art

One thing that makes Domaine Chandon such an engaging experience is our art. It integrates the superb work of local talents with the beauty of our winery and natural setting. Stroll our property and you'll encounter vivacious watercolors, oils, photography, and sculpture. But if you see something you want, don't delay. The works rotate throughout the year as pieces are sold and new exhibits are introduced. Currently, you can see outstanding works by these artists.


C M Cunningham

“Throughout the years I have always pursued art. I pursued abstract ideas and still feel there is something very pure in non-objective abstracts, however I also appreciate the natural beauty of the west, and in recent years have been working on representational pieces.

The greatest influence on my art has always been the land – it presents new vistas every day. It is not unusual for those who have traveled the deserts to feel a deep bond and spiritual connection with those vast spaces. I am no different. I have always wanted to spend more time painting there, but finding time has been elusive; the high Sierras run a close second.

My approach is to find the feel of ‘place’, not exactness. There is no attempt at realism, just representations."

Donald Seymour

“My photography is an exploration of the endless interplay of light and form in flowers and our natural environment. I am a semi-retired orthopaedic surgeon from Marin County, California. I have saved my artistic energy for my retirement years.”  - Donald Seymour

All aspects of the photography, from the initial photography thru the mounting, are done by this artist.   The digital photographs are printed with an Epson 9800, using pigment inks, on archival canvas. They are then sprayed with archival varnish, and mounted using the gallery wrap technique.

These photographs are available for sale to take a small piece of nature’s memory home with you from our étoile Restaurant collection. Please inquire with our wine shop at 707.204.7530.


With this new show we Celebrate Two Ceramic Artists
Rhue Julius Bruggeman
Erin Dowling-Michael

The local artists Bruggeman and Dowling-Michael have created the image makers of Chandon magic with this new anniversary installation of tile and plates throughout the visitor Center. Celebrating 40 Years of Sparkling in
the Napa Valley we bring to life the past and present artists. Our ensemble is multi-faceted with artists in winemaking, culinary creation, wine specialists, mixologists, storytellers and innovative business visionaries. We invite you all to come and enjoy a glass of our unique Anniversary Cuvée Rosé and tour the current collection!

Torsos for a Cause

Rhue Julius Bruggeman
Erin Dowling-Michael
Erin Dowling-Michael and Rhue Bruggeman invented the process of reclay painting here in the Napa Valley. The use of traditional layering of color, material and texture to create composition with imagery on a clay canvas is synthesized with heat and imprinted by fire. The affects from the heat and fire are revealed after the canvas cools and the ash is brushed away.