Yountville Vintage Brut, 2007, Late Disgorged bottleYountville Vintage Brut, 2007, Late Disgorged labelYountville Vintage Brut, 2007, Late Disgorged neck
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Yountville Vintage Brut, 2007, Late Disgorged

Winery Exclusive

Aging Profile: Minimum of 5 years on the yeast
Appellation: Yountville
Winemaker: Tom Tiburzi

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Chandon is best known for its non-vintage sparkling wines that are crafted in a consistent style year to year. With our Vintage Appellation Series, we choose to create distinctive wines to showcase the unique qualities of a particular growing season from each of our vineyard appellations: Yountville, Mt. Veeder and Carneros.

Vintage Conditions

The year 2007 started with a relatively cold winter and several deep frosts. Spring rainfall was lower than normal and the grape clusters developed with uneven-sized berries. Summer temperatures were moderately cool until a heat spike in late August and early September caused the grapes to ripen quickly. Though crop yields were lower, the smaller berries resulted in finished wines with excellent structure, intensity and concentration of flavors.

Tasting Notes

Showcasing the fruit in Yountville, this late-disgorged brut is the second release of the 2007 vintage. As a result of two additional years aging sur lie, it exhibits remarkable depth of flavor and complexity. Baking spices, cola and salted caramel greet the nose. A distinctively rich and creamy mouth feel combined with good acidity leads to flavors of apple, pear and hints of yeast that linger on the finish.

Food Pairing

The full-bodied structure and elegant balance in the Yountville Vintage Brut make it a versatile option for pairing with a variety of foods. Classic dishes from frisee salad with bacon and poached eggs to mushroom and Gruyere tarts are excellent matches.