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Wine Questions

I just joined Club Chandon, when will I receive my first wine release?

Signature Club releases are in February, April, June, August, October and December.
If you join Club Chandon in months other than the above, you are given the choice to receive the most recent Club Chandon shipment, or wait until the next scheduled Club Chandon shipment month.

What is the average Club Chandon release price?

Club Chandon releases vary depending upon the wines selected. Most releases containing 3 to 5 bottles, the cost is on average of $150, plus tax and shipping where applicable.

What discounts do I receive as a Club Member?

Club Chandon members receive multiple benefits, including the following savings:

Signature Club: 20% off Chandon wine and merchandise purchased at the winery or
Signature Club: 20% off Chandon merchandise and lounge menu
Signature Club: 30% off reorders of wines included in club releases

Signature Club: 30% off purchases of three or more cases

How do I Re-Order Club Selections?

Chandon offers 30% reorder discount for Signature Club Members off default Club Chandon wine selections within 45 days of the club release. If you made customizations to the suggested default wines, the 30% discount does not apply. Log into your Club Chandon Account, and any order of default Club Chandon wine selections within 45 days of club release will be automatically discounted with the Club reorder discount that is applicable. You can also call us at 1-866-242-6366 Opt. 1 or email us at to place a reorder.

Order Value Minimum -Why won’t my customized selections take?

Club Chandon orders require a order minimum value of $120. If your selections are not meeting this minimum value after your club discount, you may need to increase quantities of lesser value wines.

Why can’t I swap out certain wine selections?

We may be sold out or have limited quantities of certain wine selections at the time of your request. Please note: Your state may have restrictions on products we can ship to you.

My order has been processed, can I make changes or cancel it?

Unfortunately, once an order has been processed, we are unable to make changes or cancel. We can assist with redirecting your shipment or modifying your Membership for future Club orders! 1-866-242-6366 Opt. 1

Membership Questions

Can I customize my Wine Club release?

Yes you can! We’ll notify you when your Club Chandon shipment is ready for your review. Log in to your Club Chandon Account and click into the My Wine Clubs section. You will see the wines we’ve curated for the current wine club release, and you can choose from other items should you want to substitute any wines for others. Please note there is a minimum order value of $115-$120 that must be met. Please note that if you choose to customize your shipment to include your favorite Chandon wines, you will be charged immediately. Otherwise, you will be charged on the date in your email. Alternatively, you may also contact us 1+888 242 6366 Opt. 1 to customize your club order or arrange for an alternative shipment delivery date. Your request must be received at least 3 business days prior to the release date.

I’m a Club Chandon Member, how do I access my member discount online?

Log into your Club Chandon Account, and your Club Discount will be automatically recognized.

Can I switch my Membership Type?

Yes! If you’d like to explore other club offerings, Log into your Club Chandon Account, click on My Wine Club. Click on Modify My Clubs, and you will see all other club levels available to you. Please note: If you already have an upcoming shipment in your account, changing your Club Type will affect future shipments, but not the one that has already been created for you even if it has not been charged. You may also contact us at Club Chandon 1+888 242 6366 Opt. 1 to do so. We’re happy to help!

How do I update my shipping address or credit card information?

Log into your Club Chandon Account, Click on My Account, you can add your payment method to Payments. Please note your account only allows for one default card which is the one you see on the main My Account landing page. You may also contact us at Club Chandon 1+888 242 6366 Opt. 1 to make any updates.

Can I pick up at the winery?

California Memberships allow the option for pick up at our winery. Club orders will be available at the winery for up to 45 days from the release date. If you do not pick up your wines within 45 days, we will automatically ship your wines to you and charge the credit card on the file for the entire order including applicable shipping fees

Can I skip or postpone a Club Release?

If you are in our Signature Club and receiving 6 Club Shipments a year, you can skip up to 2 shipments per year. You can choose a future ship date when customizing your Club Order with us.

You may also contact us at Club Chandon 1+888 242 6366 Opt. 1 with any questions or requests.

How long does a Club Chandon Membership last?

You may cancel at any time after receiving two wine releases.

How do I cancel my Club Chandon Membership?

While we hope that you will never have cause to cancel your membership, if you do choose to cancel, simply call us at 1+888 242 6366 Opt. 1

Giving the gift of a Club Chandon Club Membership?

Club Chandon is happy to suggest the best gifting option that fits your needs! Contact us at 1+888 242 6366 Opt. 1 to acquire more details.

What does “Double my Club Mean"?

Double the number of bottles in your Club Shipments and receive a 30% Discount on the wines in your Club shipment! Also you double your Club for extra perks, including tastings at the winery! Please Note: Minnesota and Wyoming are not eligible for double shipments.

Shipping Questions

What are Club Chandon Shipping Policies?

All orders (including Next Day, Overnight and 2-day delivery) received no later than 5:00pm (PST) will require 1 full business day for processing and packing before being shipped. Orders received after 5:00pm (PST) will require 2 full business days for processing and packing. Standard delivery time is 2 to 3 business days, depending on weather.* We ship via UPS and Fed Ex and offer 1-day, 2-day and ground shipping. Please note that orders are shipped and delivered on business days only (this excludes weekends and holidays). Someone over the age of 21 must be present to sign for any packages containing alcohol (mandated by federal law). Three delivery attempts will be made before the package is returned to us. Once returned, a $10 rerouting fee will be charged for all packages reshipped. To avoid this inconvenience, we recommend delivery to a commercially zoned business address. We cannot ship to PO, FPO, APO or IPO boxes. We cannot ship internationally.

Can I have Club Chandon Releases delivered to my home or business address?

Although you may ship to a home address, we strongly recommend shipping to a business address where someone 21 years or older is available to sign for the package upon delivery. We cannot ship to PO boxes or APO FPO addresses.

I wasn’t home to sign for my wine delivery; how do I get my shipment?

If you have missed a single delivery attempt, call the carrier (use the number listed on the tag left for you). Typically there are multiple options available, including scheduling another delivery, redirecting the shipment to a business address, or picking up your wines at the carrier’s location. Three delivery attempts will be made before the package is returned. After three delivery attempts and a returned shipment, your membership may be cancelled.

How do I redirect an order?

Please call us at 1-866-242-6366 Opt. 1 to redirect your order. We can usually contact the carrier and request the order be redirected to an alternate address for a nominal fee of $10. Redirect Requests take 24 hours to reach the carrier. We are restricted from redirecting from one state to another.

Changing or updating shipments which are currently in transit?

Once orders have been processed, we have limited options for changing the order. We can contact our shipper and have the package held at the local carrier hub at no charge and they will hold the package for 5 business days. To redirect the package to an alternate address, fees may apply. Delivery will be attempted 3 consecutive days in a row and an adult signature is required for delivery

Why can’t UPS/FedEx leave my wine shipment on my doorstep?

The federal government requires that someone 21 or older, with a government-issued identification, be present to sign for any package containing alcohol.

Why can’t you ship to my state?

State laws regulate the direct shipment of wine. Some states prevent wineries from shipping directly to consumers. Learn more about these restrictions at Join our mailing list and we’ll notify you if there are any changes in your state’s shipping laws.

How is my wine protected during extreme weather?

We have found that most temperature damage occurs when shipments exposed to extreme temperatures in a truck in transit over the weekend. To avoid this in areas that regularly experience extreme weather (hot or cold) we ship from our warehouse to a hub closest to your delivery address in a temperature-controlled truck. The shipment is then transferred to a local delivery truck and delivered within a day. We occasionally may hold wine shipments due to extreme weather along the delivery route. You will be notified via email if there is a weather hold. If you feel that you have received a damaged bottle due to extreme weather, please do not hesitate to contact us for a replacement bottle.

What if the product is damaged during delivery?

Domaine Chandon understands that there will be times when products may be damaged during delivery. Domaine Chandon will honor claims for reimbursement in such events. In order to process claims, Domaine Chandon requires that the customer who received the delivery return all damaged products at the direction of Domaine Chandon, and we may make the arrangements for the delivery company to pick up the damaged items; however, we request that you fill out any required forms that the delivery company provides in order to complete your refund. Please understand that if you do not return the damaged products, then Domaine Chandon cannot provide you with the refund. Customers need to file a claim for damaged goods within 10 days of receipt of order. Please initiate the claim by emailing us at Please include the following information: – Order Number – Tracking Number – Description of damage – your name – your full mailing address – your phone numbers (office, home, mobile) – your email.

What is the return policy?

Once wine or champagne leaves the warehouse, it cannot be returned pursuant to applicable law concerning alcoholic products. However, in the event that your delivered item is damaged, Domaine Chandon is happy to accept your claim in accordance with the procedures that are outlined above.

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