“Chandon has always defied convention; so we have added our own twists to the time-honored techniques.” -Pauline


In our Free Spirit collection, we explore global flavors, even mix in some of our favorite pairings, to create wines that are unexpected, bursting with character, refreshing, and yet still the approachable, easy-to-drink CHANDON you know and love.

A California touch to the traditional style

A California touch to the traditional style

Red Demi-Sec is Pinot Noir and Zinfandel. By adding an untraditional varietal, we get a robust, juicy, spicy sparkling wine that is slightly sweet and perfect with your favorite bar-be-que dishes. Fancy a sangria? Try it with Red Demi-sec, this wine loves complements of orange. 

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Every sunny afternoon deserves a refreshing aperitif