"From the beginning, we've always been reaching for the stars. So when it came to the ultimate expression, we named it just that, with a tribute to our French heritage, CHANDON étoile." - Pauline



Our PINNACLE COLLECTION blends of the very best Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier from our Los Carneros vineyards.

They are the epitome of elegance and finesse in three remarkable wines, CHANDON ÉTOILE Brut, CHANDON ÉTOILE Rosé and the best of the best – CHANDON ÉTOILE Tête de Cuvée – the ‘head of the blend.’ 

These elegant wines crafted in both Brut and Rosé styles are an effervescent expression of the winery’s Californian home.

We all get better with time. And CHANDON étoile shows that’s true as well. These wines are aged a minimum 5 years sur lie - 7 for the Tête de Cuvée.

It’s part of the secondary fermentation that happens in the bottle. Aging “sur lie” or on the lees, happens after the yeast has consumed all the sugar in the wine and created a bottle full of bubbles. The yeast settles to the bottom of the bottle and melds with the wine imparting toasty, creamy, full-body characteristics. It’s a richness that comes with time and it’s well worth the wait.