How To Embrace Thanksgiving 2020


Don’t throw in the towel on Thanksgiving this year – while the holidays may look a bit different, making time for moments of joy, connection, and gratitude gives us something to look forward to. Here are some tips to make the most of this year’s feast (whether in person or on video chat), and make the occasion sparkle a little brighter.

By: Domaine Chandon
November 2020

Invent New Traditions

    For many of us, the need to pivot from old customs leaves room for new ones. Savor every shared moment together and try new things, whether it’s sharing what you’re thankful for, tasting wine together over video chat, or playing virtual charades. This is how traditions start.

Invent New Traditions

Send Well-Wishes

    Send a thoughtful (and tangible) token before Thanksgiving to tell loved ones they're on your mind. Whether it’s a special bottle of wine or a homemade baked good, this gesture will set the tone for connection and togetherness.

Send Well Wishes

Make it Multi-Course

    Video chat removes the element of physical space, allowing you to pop in and out of conversations more freely as you move from pre-dinner toasts, to the first course, etc. Ensure you catch up with both long-distance family and your friendsgiving gang by spending each course with different company. Or introduce friends and loved ones by bringing them together in one virtual place.

Make It Multi Course

Tap Into the Flavors You’ve Always Loved

    What better way to keep the spirit of Thanksgiving alive, then sparking your sensory memory through food and drink? Indulge in your favorite holiday foods and beverages to tap into the spirit of nostalgia. Through the course of your meal, remember to be present in the moment, and take it all in through the five senses.

Sour Cherry Pie

Don’t Forget Dessert

    A tasty dessert is the perfect way to treat yourself, and make the occasion feel like a special one. Might we suggest new limited-edition Jeni’s Sparkling Berry Punch Sorbet (made with Chandon Brut). “The Chandon Brut balances out the sweet fruit notes of the sorbet. It’s a creative way to celebrate the holiday season and treat oneself," says our Director of Winemaking Pauline Lhote. It’s delectable on its own or topped with a splash of sparkling.

Assorted Macarons

A regal purple berry sorbet as smooth as crushed velvet

Grab A Pint