Sparkling Wine Bucket List 2021


We're proud to celebrate the talented women at Chandon who are raising the bar and setting new standards in sparkling wine. Today, we’d like to start a conversation about wine through the perspectives of integral female leaders on our team. They’ve got plenty to say, so we’ll let them do the talking!

By: Domaine Chandon
March 2021

Women behind our wine

Q: What’s about your job inspires you?

    A: My coworkers inspire me. They are a group of exceptionally educated and experienced women who come from a variety of winemaking backgrounds. If you want to learn, I think it’s important to surround yourself with people smarter than you, and I feel very fortunate to be in such a position.
    — Anna Muthig, Enologist

    A: My job is different every single day. From visiting the vineyards during the growing season; to being in the cellar during harvest where it is so busy, but it smells so good; to spending hours in the tasting room during blending; to meeting customers and talking about wines.
    — Pauline Lhote, Winemaking Director

    A: When times get tough, what inspires me is thinking about the consumer and what the wine means to them: a way to end a good day or to celebrate a special occasion, a treat, a moment of sharing.
    — Laura Fontaine, Associate Winemaker

Q: If you could sit down over a glass of sparkling wine with anyone in history, who would it be and why?

    A: If you want a public figure, I would go with Madame Clicquot as what she did is amazing, taking over the Champagne house after her husband’s passing. But personally, I would choose my grandmother Marie-Louise. She passed away when I was 18 and did the same thing as Madame Clicquot at a much smaller scale with the family farm. She did not get to see me realize my dream of becoming a winemaker. It would be pretty amazing to share a glass, catch up and present her as my family.

    — Pauline Lhote, Winemaking Director

    A: It may be clichéd, but Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Not only was she such a pioneer and advocate in her own right, but she inspired generations of women to stand up for themselves and to advocate in their own way.

    — Alexandra Evans, DTC Digital Experience Manager

Taste something new

Q: What wisdom can be gained from sparkling wine?

    A: Sometimes, good things take time to be made. There are no shortcuts.

    — Laure Fontaine, Associate Winemaker

    A: Wine is meant for sharing with others — with loved ones, with trusted ones, or even with new ones and spending time with those people is where the wisdom can be found.

    — Alexandra Evans, DTC Digital Experience Manager

Q: What's your all-time favorite wine-food pairing?

    A: You just can’t beat the acidity and florality of sparkling with lightly spicy, extra crunchy fried chicken. I’m from South Carolina, and have been perfecting my fried chicken recipe for years now, and one of my favorite things is to experiment pairing with a range of sparkling wines. The current favorite is the Blanc de Pinot Noirs.

    —Anna Muthig, Enologist

    A: One of my favorites is pretty traditional — Oysters and sparkling wine is truly the best. The other is a little less traditional — fried chicken! Everyone thinks I’m crazy, but after that first sip of Brut after that first greasy bite, you’ll know where I’m coming from. And you’re welcome for it.

    — Alexandra Evans, DTC Digital Experience Manager

    A: Who doesn’t like French fries? The richness of the fries, the comforting aspect of them, and the contrast with the acidity and the freshness of sparkling wine is everything. Plain fries go well with vibrant Chandon Rosé. For truffle fries, try a vintage sparkling Rosé.

    — Laura Fontaine, Associate Winemaker

Q: If you were on "cloud wine," where would you be (and what type of wine would your cloud be made of)?

    A: Chandon, obviously.

    —Pauline Lhote, Winemaking Director

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